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Holiday Travel Safety Tips

This holiday season many people will be out traveling to see family and friends.  The Bryan Police Department is encouraging people to plan ahead for your road trip.  Here are some safety tips to help you prepare for your trip.

 *   Prepare your vehicle for long distance travel.  Check your vehicle equipment; make sure lights are working properly, fluids levels are topped off and tire pressure is correct.

 *   When packing luggage and Christmas presents, make sure you don't load the vehicle so much that you can't see out the rear and sides of the vehicle.  Make sure you have clear and unobstructed view.

 *   Leave early so you are not rushed to your destination.  The roads will have extra traffic on them, so expect delays.  Plan on giving yourself extra time to arrive at your destination; so that you are not speeding or frustrated.

 *   Plan your trip out.  Before you get on a highway, know your exit by name and number, and watch the signs as you near the off-ramp.  Have a map handy for a quick reference that the navigator can use.

 *   Keep a full tank of gas.  If you see that you are getting below a half tank of gas or near a quarter tank of gas, fill up.  Don't take a chance of getting stranded because you ran out of gas.

 *   Be prepared should your car become disabled.  Have the proper emergency equipment with you.  For example: spare tire, lug wrench, jack, flashlight, road flares or other illuminating devices, warm clothing if you are traveling to areas with cold weather.

 *   A cell phone is also invaluable in emergencies.  You can reach the police and in turn all other emergency services by dialing 911 on your cell phone.

 *   Don't drive if you are tired or drowsy.  Stop often and stretch to avoid getting tired.  Switch drivers so each person can rest if traveling long distance.  Stay alert!

 *   And as always, obey traffic laws and always wear your seatbelt.

These are just a few suggested safety tips.  Research your vehicle type and your destination to come up with safety tips that fit your trip.  Remember others will be out on the road that didn't prepare for their trip.  Please use caution during your travels.  The Bryan Police Department's family would like to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Officer Jon Agnew
Public Information Officer
Bryan Police Department
Office: 979-209-5350
Cell: 979-436-2843
agnewj at bryantx.gov<mailto:agnewj at bryantx.gov>

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